200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha yoga is a form of functional exercise that is good for our physical health and mental well-being. This training provides you with a firm foundation for teaching others and a sense of connection between the “spirit, soul and body” for self discovery and peace.

This comprehensive program includes technique and methodology—physical practice of poses and breathing techniques, and learning the skills needed to teach others; anatomy and physiology—learn and understand specific muscle groups to perform the postures correctly and how postures affect the internal systems of the body. We will cover the anatomy of the nose, along with specific breathing techniques;  The Nervous System for muscular and mental relaxation; Diet and Nutrition—learning the elements needed to repair the body/mind and for a healthy lifestyle.


Our 200hr training is for those who would like to become teachers, or for those who would like to develop a deeper understanding of the practice of hatha yoga.


Completing required reading and written assignments, keeping daily practice journals,  taking  classes from our regular schedule and 100 percent attendance to all weekend training sessions. Teaching, observing and assisting classes in a supportive environment at the studio is also required.

Classes from our regular schedule are free during the training.

You will also learn:

  • Basic principles of practice such as, breath, gravity and spinal movement
  • Creating fluidity in posture sequencing
  • Hints and Cautions / how to avoid injuries
  • Benefits of practice
  • Functional Anatomy and Physiology
  • Adjusting and correcting poses
  • Preparatory poses
  • Sun salutation and other warm-ups
  • Standing poses
  • Forward bends
  • Back bends
  • Twists
  • Inversions
  • Hip Openers
  • Restorative Practice
  • Breathing Techniques such as, Complete, Ocean, Shining Face Breath
  • Poses for teaching meditation

Tuition Cost:

$2400, with YA certification—RYT200 status
(additional 5% charge for credit card payments)
$2075, without certification—just for you at any age or experience
(Payment plans available)


Saturday 10 AM-6 PM & Sunday, 10 AM-5 PM

200hr program dates:

Fall/Winter 2017 – session closed

Spring/Summer 2018 – open for enrollment

April 14-15
April 28-29
May 12-13
May 26-27
June 2-3
June 23-24
July 14-15
August 4-5
September 15-16
September 29-30

Apply by March 20, 2018

yoo_oramge-sm_2015 Download Printable Application (pdf)

What our graduates are saying…

I recently met with other 200 hour certified teachers that had completed their trainings elsewhere. After discussing our teacher trainings and what subjects were taught, I feel that my training at Yoga on Orange was the most comprehensive program. We studied anatomy, asanas and adjustments, philosophy and history, energy and chakras, business and marketing, sequencing, Ayurveda, and more. The small class size allowed for individual attention and more depth into all aspects of yoga.–Erica

Through my 200 hr and 300 hr training at Yoga On Orange, I was greatly inspired to look deeply at my own life and make changes I needed to make to be healthy and happy. What I learned in the training helped me to move towards my goals in life and stop running from them. I fell in love with the practice of yoga, and loved the community and energy of Yoga On Orange. This was my inspiration to open my own studio. The support and knowledge I gained from my training at Yoga On Orange helped me to make many decisions and get clear on my vision and policies for my studio. Lotus Moon is almost 3 years old and is still growing. I continue to reach out to Maria and her studio for support, wisdom, and inspiration and I am so thankful I met Maria almost 7 years ago!–Megan

The teacher training program at Yoga on Orange leads students through a comprehensive study of yoga by exploring all of its aspects, from posture to breath, meditation, and philosophy. Students learn yoga techniques and ideas, and learn to teach them through extensive practice and with patient instruction in a loving, fun atmosphere. Becoming a yoga teacher has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As I continue to grow in my journey as a yoga student and teacher, I rely every day on what I learned in my teacher training at Yoga on Orange.–Josh

In my search to continue my yoga study, I am happy to have stepped into Yoga on Orange. Maria has a unique teaching style in which she shares the importance of being and remaining truly authentic. I feel one of the most important teachings that Maria has brought back to me (and I share this with anyone who will slow down enough to listen) is to let go of the push. She has taught in a very mindful manner to enjoy the practice and really know what is going on collectively.  She said as teachers " Bring Awareness to posture, that's the job. Teach with an element of Kindness". My personal Yoga on Orange experience has been a strong reminder that this is what the lifetime practice of Yoga is all about- living and all connected. At the right time in my life, being able to continue my study at Yoga on Orange, has only made me more interested and passionate to continue the journey to practice and teach.–Robin

Yoga on Orange provides the perfect atmosphere for practicing and learning about Hatha Yoga. The studio is calm and serene and allows the student to have an internal yoga practice. Maria provides clear instruction in class and that enables the student to stay present with their breath while moving into the poses. The teacher training program at Yoga on Orange provides a great foundation for learning the basics of yoga philosophy and yoga postures. The experience of the teacher training program sufficiently prepares the students to become teachers of Hatha yoga upon completion. Maria passes on her knowledge and skills to her students, so that her students can continue to share and educate others on yoga.–Morgan

The YTT at Yoga on Orange offers a well-crafted curriculum. You learn the philosophy of yoga, which sets it apart from Western disciplines and their "no pain no gain" attitude. You are also given a comprehensive understanding of the postures and how to teach them to beginner and advanced students alike. The readings beautifully compliment the practice and discussion, and the small class size allows more time and attention for your questions.–Jennifer

Training to be a yoga teacher provided me deep understanding about postures and guiding students. But far more than this, it was a lifestyle shift; the beginnings of a more compassionate and holistic approach to myself and my world. I have just recently completed a degree in Nutritional Sciences and credit Maria with planting the "sesame seeds" of appreciation for health, wellness, and service to others. Each acknowledged breath connects me to the lineage of peace from which yoga originates, as well as the commitment to joyfully step into the ever expanding future.–Laura

The teacher training at Yoga on Orange allowed me to focus on all aspects of yoga in a nonthreatening, non-competitive and supportive setting. I love and look forward to my afternoon YTT sessions with new friends. The classes foster my creativity, flexibility and enhance my meditation practice.–Pati