4wk Special Event Series: Yoga on Barre (8 spots available)

Tues Date: October 10-31 @ 1:30-2:30 PM, $48

This series combines the practice of pilates mat, yoga and ballet-based movements with the support of the ballet barre. The barre offers stability and balance while deep breathing and stretching take you deeper into each posture with great form. Improve body extension, flexibility and foot and ankle strength with this fun experience!

You will learn: Basic Pilates mat and other core strengthening exercises; Yoga postures designed for the Ballet Barre and for hip and leg flexibility, strength and balance; Improve your posture by strengthening the muscles needed to stand and sit up straight; Barre backward bends for spinal flexibly, health and that feel great; Restorative poses leading into a final relaxation.

Yoga on Barre is also offered on Sunday @ 10:30-11:30 am. (8 spots available)

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4wk Special Event Series: Beginners Hatha Yoga

Wed Date: October 4-25 @ 5:30-6:30 PM, $48

Beginners hatha yoga is therapeutic and healing to your body. These classes will help to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles and joints, spinal column and the entire skeletal system. Practicing hatha poses combined with  breath will calm the nervous system to help relieve stress and anxiety, and to rebalance your body. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

This is a great class for the beginning student or for those who would like to come back to their practice.

See basic poses here

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4wk Special Event Series: Candlelight Restorative Body (10 spots available)

Wed Date: October 4-25 @ 6:45-7:45 PM, $48

A Restorative Body practice uses props, such as blankets, bolsters and cushions to provide support and create an environment of comfort and deep relaxation.

The poses we practice include gentle backward bending, forward bending, twisting and mild inversions, such as legs up the wall to reverse blood flow and reduce the negative effects that gravity has on our extremities and organs.

Soft candlelight will enhance your relaxation experience!


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Relaxation and Meditation: How to Quiet Your Mind

Sat Date: October 14th @ 1-3 PM, $25

Meditation can show us the true nature of our minds – overactive and random. Drawing your awareness to your breath will shift your focus away from your mind and slow down your thoughts. You begin to notice space in-between your thoughts making room for stillness and inner peace.

You will learn:

The 10 points of meditation
Breathing techniques to calm and center your mind
Postures to draw your mind inward and relax
How to create a sense of peace
Be still and know that I am God chant

Light refreshments will be available.

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The Wise Woman: Clarity of Heart & Mind (12 spots available)

Sat Date: November 4th @ 1-3 PM, $25

The lotus flower starts as a small flower with its roots in the mud. It grows in an upward direction beyond the waters surface towards the light. Eventually it blossoms and turns into a beautiful flower.

A woman’s life starts with youth, passing through middle age, and ending in old age. As a healthy woman matures she experiences three important stages in her life—menstruation, the ability for pregnancy and birth, and menopause. Eventually—and just as the lotus flower, a woman blossoms into a beautiful flower when she moves towards spirit as she ages.

Join us for this woman’s workshop to learn the practice of yoga postures and breathing techniques for physical, mental and spiritual stability during menopause and while aging gracefully. We will also encompass postures to increase muscle strength, bone density and joint flexibility, balance hormones, move the lymph system, lose weight and get a restful sleep.

Open for discussion are topics such as the mind/body connection, how to live purposefully and obtain a brighter outlook on life overall. Light refreshments will be available.

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