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Yoga on Orange is an oasis in your life. It is a quiet place to let go of preconceived ideas of what you should be and experience a safe, gentle and supportive practice. We believe that yoga is for anyone who wants to feel good in his or her body. With knowledgeable instruction and over 40 years of experience, we are the right place for you to start and grow in your practice — no matter age, experience or body type.


My experience with body movement and the arts, such as yoga postures, dance and the fine arts has expanded for over 40 years. At the early age of 8, I suffered from lower back pain. I recall sharp pains and occasional back spasms throughout my childhood.

In 1974, I enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to pursue a career as an artist. After two years, I decided to take dance at Temple University. However, my stiffness and lower back pain proved problematic as I danced. Soon, I discovered the solution was to stretch and strengthen my body through the practice of yoga postures. As I practiced, my back pain alleviated and within a month, I felt no more stiffness or pain in my lower back.

While living in The Netherlands in the 1980’s, I became pregnant with her son. My experience and regular practice with yoga helped with my pregnancy, giving birth, as well as restoring her body.

I moved back to Pennsylvania in 1989. After becoming interested in 5 Element Shiatsu, I attended The Meridian Shiatsu Institute in Philadelphia for two years to become a certified practitioner. Then in 1992, I began my training as a certified yoga instructor and began teaching yoga classes that same year.

In April of 1998, I opened the Yoga Path located in historic downtown Lancaster. I wanted the Yoga Path to be a sacred place, where relaxation and peace of mind took precedence. In 2010 I moved the studio to 129 East Orange Street and now call the studio Yoga On Orange.

I enjoy helping people feel better in their bodies and showing them that they can alleviate pain, anxiety, and stress, and become healthy with gentle body movements. The type of exercises I teach are restorative and helps people hone their connection and reconnection skills so they can lighten up and find inner peace.

My purpose in life is to be close to God. The 40 years of a self-realization practice and teaching people has gotten me here, along with prayer, healthy awareness of my thoughts, study, and learning about truth, faith, and God.

Some of my services include:

  • Small intimate group classes
  • Personal Sessions
  • Teacher Training Certification
  • 5 Element Shiatsu
  • Parties for 10 or more
  • Christian Minded Movement