• 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training — April 2018

    The training provides you with a firm foundation for teaching others, and a sense of connection between the “spirit, soul and body” for self-discovery and peace.

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    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training — April 2018
  • Gently Flowing Yoga

    The yoga poses and tempo of this class offer the body a powerful practice, while gentle modifications make it available for all levels

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    Gently Flowing Yoga
  • Gentle Body Restore 50+

    Encourage your body’s natural ability to heal. For 50+ and everyone else!

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    Gentle Body Restore 50+
  • Restorative Yoga

    Using blankets, bolsters and cushions provide body support and create an environment of comfort and deep relaxation

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    Restorative Yoga
  • YOGA on Barre

    The barre offers stability and balance while deep breathing and stretching take you deeper into each posture with great form

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    YOGA on Barre